According to Study iPhone 5 Most Talked-About Phone

Apple talked about more than any other brand

The folks of eBay Deals recently wrapped up a study that looked at smartphones across the varied platforms. In the study they found that Apple iPhone’s seem to dominate social media mentions as compared to competitors.

The study looked over mentions of all smartphone brands as well as individual models. It looked over twitter and YouTube comments. When it came to Twitter, eBay Deals took notes from over 10,000 tweets, each of which compared the word “smartphone,” over a ten-hour period.

However, when it came to OS mentions, the Android beat out iOS by nearly double. “Apple” still claimed the total tally on the smartphone brands with 1,533 mentions. The next closest mention was by “Google” with less than half, while Samsung had a mere 360.

When the numbers were broke down to individual phones types, the “iPhone 5 lead with a total of 2,127 mentions. That tally meant nearly 10x the No. 2 mention, which was the Nexus 4, which had 237 total mentions. The study looked at factors like Google Image searchers, Flickr, and emotions associated with YouTube like “debates”.

The whole of the study showed a great many disparities in mentions and notice. Ebay Deals published the totals, However, the mentions total did not take into account positive or negative mentions. Furthermore, the tally did not mention if mentions were adverts or basic comments. Samsung ran media pushes wherein it mentioned the iPhone in mocking tones, and it is possible some of the mentions came directly from individuals poking fun at the product. Still, as many in marketing well know: any press is good press.Regardless of the positive/negative dynamic, the iPhone 5 is more talked about than any other product, and Apple is talked about more than any other phone type.


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