Ibogaine Treatment Centre Announces All Natural Treatment For Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Ibogaine is a remarkable natural compound that has the ability with a single dose to both remove the symptoms of drug withdrawal and reduce the cravings for drugs.

LUTON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 16, 2013, It is not often that an all natural substance is discovered that can be used effectively in the battle against drug and alcohol addiction. Ibogaine is such a substance, and the Ibogaine Treatment Centre has had tremendous success using this with people fighting their way out of the dark world of drug and alcohol addiction.

Ibogaine Treatment Centre is a rarity in and of itself in that they are utilizing a compound that is not itself addicting, such as Methadone. Ibogaine is an extract derived from the rootbark of an African plant called Tabernanthe iboga. Clinical studies have shown that a single dose can both remove the symptoms of drug withdrawal and reduce the cravings for drugs. This is a significant advance in addiction treatment. Because it has the ability to induce a “mellowness”, it helps drug users understand and reverse their drug-dependent behaviour.

Ibogaine Treatment Centre reports that the substance can be easily administered in capsule form, and is essentially a “one-shot” medication, although follow-up doses have been shown effective when a user is fighting the craving of a relapse. The Centre offers a complete treatment program and uses Ibogaine as one facet of their overall approach. Ibogaine has been shown to be safe when used in this clinical setting with proper medical monitoring.

The Centre offers two types of Ibogaine assisted programs. There is a 3-day residential Detoxification Therapy Program and a 3-day PsychoSpiritual Therapy Program. Ibogaine is particularly effective in Opiate detox and most people experience very few of the withdrawal symptoms normally associated with coming off of Opiate based drugs such as Heroin or Methadone. Science has proven that Ibogaine blocks the receptors in the brain that initiates the cascade of withdrawal symptoms when a user attempts to detox.

The Ibogaine Treatment Centre offers a fantastic program to treat people who suffer from psychological conditions such as depression or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). While “counseling” and “talking therapies” are sometimes successful, in many cases they fail to resolve these issues. Ibogaine has the ability to give the patient a deep insight not only into their character, but also what the “underlying” issues are that have caused them to slip into their present state of mind. This enables them to correct their mindset and emerge into wellness.

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