HGH May Be the New Fountain of Youth

Studies show many promising benefits of Human Growth Hormone supplements in older athletes

Several recent clinical studies have shown positive results in tests of homeopathic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplements. The experts focused on adult bodybuilders, especially those aged over thirty. They suggest that anyone under the age of twenty consult a healthcare professional familiar with HGH therapy before taking the supplement because it may cause some unwanted side effects if not taken properly.

Growth hormones were only available by injection in the past but newly developed delivery methods make the enhancers easier to take. Capsules containing HGH secretagogues, homeopathic pills and sublingual sprays are among the new delivery systems for taking growth hormone boosters today.

The results of the study showed promising results in bodybuilders over thirty years of age. HGH supplements were proven responsible for the regulation of protein synthesis, fat metabolism, insulin and the transportation of amino acids across cell membranes in these aging athletes. The results were especially prominent in serious bodybuilders, who reported enhanced libido, greater cardiac output and higher energy levels.

Additionally, improved cholesterol levels, lowering of blood pressure and enhanced immune function were documented in the studies. When used as directed no adverse side effects were reported but bodybuilders under the age of twenty should not use growth hormone boosters without a physician’s approval and guidance as their bodies are not fully developed yet and complications may develop.

The experts that conducted the study also saw potential benefits in shorter recovery times after a workout and quicker regeneration of damaged muscles in extreme bodybuilders. Improved sleeping habits were also reported by the subjects of the study. Insomnia is often an unwanted side effect in other bodybuilding supplements.

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