Steel and the Environment

Steel is more eco-friendly than most other construction resources

When it comes to being environmentally friendly steel does not always get the credit it disserves. This is mostly due to the impersonal, massive and often unattractive metal structures associated with the metal. However, steel is one of the nations most abundant, recyclable and sustainable resources. Steel, because of its versatility, remains one of the preferred construction materials around the globe.

Wood products that come from trees, take tens or hundreds of years to mature and become a construction resource, while tons of steel products are processed and manufactured on a daily basis. The construction of steel buildings negates the destruction of forests and use of other precious natural resources.

Steel is also more than one hundred percent recyclable. There are no limits to the number of times it can be melted down and reused. This characteristic creates more space in landfills. The ease with which the metal can be melted down allows other alloys to be mixed with it for remodeling and reusing. Compared to using wood as a building material, steel only creates one-tenth of the waste.

More steel is recycled daily than any other material including plastic, paper and glass. Unlike other materials, after recycling, steel retains all of its original properties and strength. Innovative manufacturing methods are also using less energy. When compared to twenty years ago, steel now uses only one third of the energy in production.

A high percentage of the water used in production is now cleaned and reused, saving on water usage. To reduce carbon emissions during the steelmaking procedure, a new process is being developed to replace carbon with hydrogen as fuel in blast furnaces, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute and their CO2 Breakthrough Program.


KLK Welding Inc ( was founded by Ken Kirkpatrick, an experienced welder and supervisor at Bethlehem Steel Shipyard. In 1985, Ken built a 36′x40′ building on his property. The company continues to prosper, and is dedicated to the needs of its customers.

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