Anti-Aging Secret Revealed

Supermodel Christie Brinkley has exposed her deepest secret to voluminous hair

59-year-old Christie Brinkley has maintained a successful career as a supermodel for over 40 years. She is best known for her stunning Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers. Her voluminous hair has also made her an icon and it hides one of her best-kept secrets. The glamorous fashion model recently revealed that when she is in the limelight she wears 16-inch clip-in hair extensions. She says the hairpieces reverse the signs of aging hair by adding body and highlights to her thinning locks. “I think of it as a choice. Do I want to put in the time or do I just want to put in the hair? Literally, it’s just click, click, click,” she said.

Most girls in the past have thought of the hairpieces as fake but they would be surprised to discover that many models wear them during photo shoots. “Back in the day, there used to be the association, ‘Oh, it’s fake! Oh, I would never add fake hair to my head.’ But over the years, that has changed a lot with people just being aware of what goes on behind the scenes on a fashion shoot to performers today changing their hairstyle the same time they change their outfit,” Brinkley said. “I think people are much more into the idea of having fun with their hair… but it has to be easy.”

The quality of the extensions are remarkable and you would never know the difference if I did not let you in on the secret, she says. They blend in seamlessly with your natural hair and are not super shiny or flimsy. The color tonality is natural and you can actually see and feel the texture. The best part is you do not need a professional makeup artist to wear them. They are ideal for everyday use or really looking glamorous on special occasions.


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