Size and Material Selection Are Changing In the Packaging Industry

Three key industry shifts in packaging

A new annual report recently released by Foodservice Packaging Institute has revealed three key industry shifts in the packaging industry.

1. Size and the Grab and Go Mentality

Smaller, single-serve items are trending in restaurants and smaller size continues to play a large role in the market. The trend is supported by a growing consumer base that tends to “graze” throughout the day, according to the report. Cost cutting measures, nutritional purposes and a tendency toward the purchase of non-traditional day items also play a large part in this downsizing. Packaging in smaller, convenient size is playing an increasingly important role in supporting restaurant menu trends and consumer demands in the grab and go category. The trend is additionally fueling competition and stronger interest from convenience stores and distribution channels.

2. Material Options Are Expanding

With an increased supply of recycled materials, environmental pressures, price fluctuations, new technologies and advances in research and development, more packaging material options exist than ever before. Driving the selection of materials in foodservice packaging is an increasing interest in recycling and composting, according to the report. Therefore, supply chain partners are taking into consideration the multitude of material options for foodservice packaging.

3. Beverage Packaging

According to the annual study, foodservice operators are following the previously mentioned trends and expanding beverage options to boost their bottom lines. They are also showing an increasing interest in beverage packaging. Single walled paper cups and polystyrene foam have dominated this market in the past but foodservice operators are experiencing increasing competition in both the cold and hot beverage container categories. Using recycled content in both plastic and paper cups is showing rapid growth. Insulated double-wall paper cups and insulated plastic cups made from polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate are replacing the traditional single walled paper cups and polystyrene foam in material selection


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