Train Your Body to Lose Weight

With the right diet and exercise, your body will be burning calories even when you are resting

Metabolism is how fast your body can burn calories for energy — a biochemical process that converts food into fuel. It is widely believed that if you increase your metabolism, you will speed up your weight loss; however, it is not that simple. Metabolism is a feature in whether someone gains or loses weight but it is not the primary factor. Permanent weight loss is achieved by controlling your body’s daily energy balance. Weight loss primarily hinges on training your body to burn more calories than you take in and it is a natural bodily function.

Michael Rosenbaum, MD, from New York’s Columbia University Medical College says, “What determines whether you’re gaining or losing weight is whether you’re eating more calories than you’re burning. Burning more calories through exercise will allow you to eat more or lose more weight.” Your resting metabolic rate, the rate at which your body burns calories just through the process of staying alive, is the primary factor in permanent weight loss. Through diet and exercise, you can boost this rate and increase the amount of calories you burn during normal activities or just sitting around. Your resting metabolic rate is also the primary factor in keeping lost weight off.

When it boils down to it, diet and exercise determine how much you weigh. Skipping meals can be counter productive because it sends your body into starvation mode, which slows down your metabolism and stores fat, hindering lasting weight loss. You should always start your day with a breakfast, to give your body an energy boost, trigger your metabolism and deter your body from the fat storing process. Snacks and small meals eaten during the day keep your metabolism busy burning fuel all day long. This is especially true if the meals contain a lot of lean protein. Compared with fats and carbohydrates, more calories are burned when digesting proteins.

When it comes to exercise, increasing your muscle mass or strength training influences your resting metabolic rate. Fat and muscle weigh the same but muscle is an active tissue that burns calories. Muscle is also a more compact tissue than fat. When you begin strength training, you may not notice a big difference right away on the scale, but rest assured that the muscle you are putting on will be burning calories – even when you are resting.

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