Infographic Shows Typical Entrepreneur Profile Isn’t What One May Expect

An Entrepreneur’s Anatomy
Startup Bros Releases Infographic on What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is never an easy endeavor, and a new infographic from Startup Bros is now showing the basic “anatomy” of a entrepreneur. While it is never easy to start one’s own business, many have succeeded before and many will succeed in the future.

As Donald Trump famously said, “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” And for any entrepreneur that is the very concept that must be kept in mind. But what kind of person has the wherewithal and the ability to succeed in accomplishing those big goals?

According to the infographic, the average successful entrepreneur is 40 years old. That does not mean that is the age in which they start of course. Many who start off on their own ventures have to endure failures often and consistently. But those who are able to weather the early storms often give themselves a better chance to succeed. Some find their groove in their 30s, while for others it can take up into their 50s.

And while there are many that succeed, not many come from the far sides of the spectrum when it comes to income. Those with extreme poverty and extreme riches make up only 1% of the successful business start-up minds.

The infographic also points out that just over three quarters of successful entrepreneurs have worked for companies for at least six years before they find a way to run and sustain their own company.

But beyond the stats there are some important personality types and mental faculties that make up a majority of the start-up businessmen. First comes professional experience. It does not always have to be within the exact field of the start-up, but it helps. Then there is creative and positive thinking. Nothing is better than starting off every day with a can-do attitude.

Fluid intelligence and ability to think of connectivity concepts is important for entrepreneurs as well. Finally, having basic flexibility and agreeableness is highly important, according to the infographic. While many may think of a hard-nose and “take no prisoners” success character, most successful businessmen know how and when to bend and flex their paradigms and relationships in order to succeed.

What doesn’t work for a vast majority of those looking to succeed are: Making excuses, predatorial behavior, deceit, emotional instability, and narcissism. This may conflict with the Gordon Gekko archetype many think of for business, but numbers show that those who are willing to avoid being mean, egocentric, and can maintain control are the best entrepreneurs overall.


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