5 Tips To Choosing A Mattress

Restful sleep is one of the most important contributors to a healthy life

It is not just the number of hours that you rest but the quality of rest that you receive and comfort in a mattress is the main factor to a good nights sleep. The level of comfort you receive depends on matching your personal physical condition to the mattress you choose.

Some mattresses are specifically designed to support a stiff back and others provide support in accordance to a person’s age, weight or height. Most consumers do not pay much attention to the specific details of their physical characteristics when picking a mattress; so here are five tips to consider before you choose one.

1. Consider the Mattress You Now Have

You may be sleeping on the right kind of mattress right now but it has just worn out. Consider how comfortable it was when you first purchased it and its age. Every mattress comes with its own expiration date and warranty. If the warranty and expiration date have expired, you may want to just purchase the same type of mattress.

2. Check the Warranty

When shopping for a mattress, do not forget to check the warranty. This will give you a good comparison on quality and the lifespan of the mattress. The best quality mattress will carry a full 10-year warranty or a non-prorated warranty.

3. Softness, Support and Size

Remember these three S’s while you are shopping. They are the most important considerations when picking a type of mattress and should correspond to your physical condition and preferences.

4. Variations and Options

Gain an understanding of all the variations and options you have in a mattress such as style and firmness. Some mattresses come with pillow tops for added comfort. If you have to pay a little more for quality, it may be better than replacing it again in a couple of years.

5. Test the Mattress

Once you have decided on a mattress, try lying down on it for a few minutes to check its comfort. Even if you are buying online, you can probably find the mattress at a local retailer for a test drive.

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