Bedroom Colors Affect Children’s Sleeping Habits

Decoration tips for a sound sleep all start with a choice of colors

The impact of a child who cannot sleep can affect the sleep of the child’s parents and siblings. The most common reason for insomnia in children is their extreme sensitivity to energy. A child’s bedroom must be conducive to rest and rejuvenation by reducing the amount of energy inducing stimuli as much as possible to overcome this problem. Their bedroom is the key component to getting a good night’s sleep.

The choice of colors for the walls, sheets and even sleepwear greatly influence a child’s energy levels. Bright colors in yellow, pink, blue, purple or green increase energy levels and do not allow the child to relax just before bedtime. Pastel versions of their favorite color are much more appropriate for relaxation and try to avoid pink or purple in any version for walls. Pink and purple are okay for accent colors in accessories such as stuffed animals, pillows, bedspreads and throws but they should not be used as the dominant color in a child’s bedroom and should be toned down with other pastel versions.

When it comes to the sleepwear and sheets that make contact with the child while he/she tries to sleep, the cloth should not be covered with exciting action figures or in the purple, pink or red colors. Red is a fiery element that energizes and stimulates. Action figures also activate the nervous system. This is exactly the opposite of what you want to happen just before bedtime.

Nothing that fights, dives, jumps or zooms around the room relaxes a child just before bed. Wall and ceiling colors and art that is happy, empowering; yet balanced and restful is what you are looking for. Empowering, positive messages and colors should be the last thing the child sees at night as well as the first thing he/she sees in the morning.


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