Chris Raggio Jackson Mississippi MD Connects Technology and Patient Care for Mental Illness through Advanced Neuropsych

Chris Raggio connects modern technology and better patient care for mentally ill patients. Chris Raggio, also known as the creator of Advanced Neuropsych, discusses the treatment’s significance to the mentally ill.

Neuropsychology is a branch of science that deals with the relationship between the brain and behavior. Neuropsychologists conduct studies and treatment of behavioral disorders by associating it with changes in the central nervous system. Chris Raggio MD, , recently announced a new method utilizing modern technology for treating mentally ill patients. Patients with behavioral disorders are now monitored by an online application to help mental health professionals evaluate the progress of their treatment. Real time and accurate data are important to help doctors determine the exact progress of their treatment. This specialized use of an app for patients in conjunction with a portal for healthcare providers is an innovative approach that will help doctors accurately gather patient data. Current online applications have not been able to accurately capture data to this extent. It is very significant in plotting treatments and creating diagnosis that will help mentally ill patients. The method is also comfortable to the patient. It requires less physical monitoring and the speed of data gathering is relatively fast. Advanced Neuropsych aims to provide a patient friendly interface that utilizes both modern technology and biomedicine.

Neuropsychologists study how one’s brain functions and its impact to the person’s behavior. Behavioral and cognitive changes resulting from psychiatric disorders are characterized and evaluated using different methods. A patient undergoing neuropsychological evaluation will undergo a series of tests to test his mental condition. The results of these test helps in determining any pattern of cognitive strengths and weaknesses and in turn, understand more about the brain’s functions. Neuropsychological tests evaluate intelligence, executive functions, attention, memory, language, perception, sensorimotor functions, motivation, mood state, emotion, quality of life and personality styles.

People who are suffering from mental disorders should be observed regularly to understand the connection of their actions and brain functions. It is also important to record complete details of the treatment to recognize any effect to the patient. Advanced Neuropsych hopes to provide a better way for doctors to help their patients.

About Chris Raggio

Chris Raggio MD is a physician specializing on treatment for the mentally ill. He also works as a philanthropist through his Bitcauses startup.

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