PROVIZ ‘s Triviz Light Pack Improves Road Safety for Cyclists with High Visibility Products

PROVIZ emphasises bicycle safety with their product, the Triviz light pack. The product is designed to enhance a cyclist’s visibility on the road especially during hours of darkness.

In 2012, there were 118 reported fatalities due to cycling accidents. In most accidents where collisions occur, motorists blame poor road visibility as the chief cause of the accident. Unlike other motorists, cyclists are very vulnerable. As part of the traffic, they are also at risk of many road accidents such as collisions that can be fatal. Helmets and protective gears may not be sufficient enough to protect a rider. A very important cycling safety tip while on the road is to make sure that other motorists are able to see you by using bright clothing and light emitting accessories. This message was emphasised by PROVIZ, a known bicycle equipment supplier. The company added that following extensive research they were shocked to know that there were so few light emitting accessories on the market and that most cyclists have to improvise current bicycle accessories in an attempt to be more visible on the road. As a result the company has developed a line of different high visibility, light emitting cycling products. One of these products is the Triviz light pack.

The Triviz light pack emits an eye-catching electric blue light which is the most effective colour to attract a person’s attention especially during darkness. The visibility will help other motorists be aware of the cyclist’s presence and allow them to make the appropriate road decisions to avoid a collision. The light pack is positioned at eye level making it easier for other motorists to notice. The Triviz light pack is USB rechargeable. It is designed with a visibility booster that can increase brightness if the rider wants to stand out from other road lights. The company stated that the product is compatible with all the products in the PROVIZ Nightrider ranges and is detachable by means of a Velcro adhesive.


PROVIZ supplies innovative high visibility sportswear, lighting and accessories to the cycling, running, horse-riding and outdoor markets. The company is located at Rock Vale, Rue de la Burgerie, Trinity, Jersey, JE3 5AP. Visit their website for more details.

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