5 Business Ideas for Professional Women

Women-owned business are on the rise

According to the Small Business Association, businesses owned by women represent the fastest growing segment of new businesses in the United States. Whether you are taking the plunge to entrepreneurship or just looking for some extra income, here are a few ideas for you to consider.

1. Consulting (IT)

Most small businesses do not have a big budget to hire a big IT firm. However, they do need this form of consultation from time to time. If you have a background in technology, you can hire yourself out as a freelance consultant. Start a one-woman IT consulting service from home and help organizations troubleshoot IT problems, set up networks and perform other tasks.

2. Consulting (Business)

A professional background in business does not limit you to just landing a good job. You can start a profitable business by using the experience you have gained by helping other businesses as a consultant. Position yourself as an expert in the particular field or industry in which you have gained this knowledge and let entrepreneurs, nonprofits, businesses and other organizations benefit from your wisdom. Spot problems before they surface and provide sound business advice to decision makers.

3. Coaching

If you are compassionate listener and an excellent communicator, a coaching service may be the business opportunity you are looking for. It can be both financially and personally rewarding. You will have the opportunity to help others make tough decisions, overcome challenges and reach their full potential as a career coach, health coach or life coach. Whatever your specialty, being a personal coach gives you the opportunity to make a difference while inspiring others.

4. Apps

According to a study recently conducted by GigaOM Pro and the Application Developers Alliance, only 6 percent of app developers are women. If you have an idea for an app you can build it yourself, if you have the skill (or time to take courses), or hire developers to build it for you. Apple, Google and other app platforms offer app development courses online.

5. Editor or Writer

If you are a proficient wordsmith, there are plenty of opportunities in the editorial business — writing, editing and publishing. Producing Web content, blogging, copywriting for businesses or writing for magazines and news outlets are all in high demand.

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