5 Tips For Building A Blog Following

Building a high quality blog following in today’s blogosphere means putting quality ahead of quantity

In order to accomplish your specific goals you have to be attracting the right people. Here are five tips to attracting readers who stick around longer than it takes to click the back button on their browser.

1. Do Not Use Misleading, Traffic Boosting Headlines

Many publications use catchy, yet misleading, headlines to increase traffic and advertising revenue. These techniques are deceptive and do not result in quality readership growth. They in fact have the opposite effect and drive readers away. Headlines should tell readers what to expect and describe, truthfully, what the article will be about. Misleading headlines may attract new, unsuspecting readers but the scheme may produce negative reactions from the reader who has been tricked. The best way to get quality readers is to produce quality content.

2. Be Consistent

Use the same daily or weekly routine when writing your blog so the reader knows what to expect and receives what he/she is expecting. Increase your content frequency as your audience grows and, to encourage loyalty, publish on a consistent schedule. Stand for what you believe in with your writing and avoid watering it down as not to offend anyone. This may produce readers that disagree with you but it will galvanize support in your followers, which is what you are looking for. This does not mean you should be a contrarian, just consistent in what you are preaching.

3.  Write to a Specific Audience

Passionate blog followers flow towards specific subjects they are interested in. This is why mainstream publications bleed readers while niche media sites are growing. Casting a wide net can generating traffic but not a loyal following. This is why it is so important to write about something that you are passionate about. If you are writing about something you truly believe in, your passion will show in your work and you will attract readers with similar beliefs.

4. Guest Bloggers

Using guest bloggers in your specific niche benefits your blog in two ways. New readers are exposed to your site and your sight gains content. Guest bloggers will point their readers to their post on your blog and those readers may eventually subscribe to you, too. Similarly, you may want to be a guest blogger on a blog that is in your niche for the same reasons – to point readers to your blog. In this way, your competitors are more collaborators in nature.

5. Be Current and Socially Relevant

Write about what is on the top of your readers mind. In this way, you will be enhancing their daily routine and not interrupting what they are thinking about. Write in an interesting, relevant and easily digestible manner that compels your reader to share the story. Social relevance is the key to growing followers, fans and stories that are shared across social networks.

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