The Bartender App that Helps Check IDs may be Helpful to TSA

A recently released two dollar smart phone app could better help the TSA during the long lines at the security check-in at airports.

It’s no surprise that the TSA agency has spent millions of dollars on new technology to help them better look at people’s IDs and get them through the security checkpoint, but a new, cheap and easy-to-use smartphone app currently being used by bartenders to help authenticate identification cards may be the long-awaited answer.

A TSA agent must review a passenger’s government issued ID and check the name on the boarding pass against it prior to entering electronic scanning area. It happens so fast that passengers sometimes wonder if they are really checking the ID at all.

Barzapp, an app being marketed to bartenders, bouncers and anyone who could lose their job if they don’t spot a fake ID is a new way for those in the business to make sure they are letting in only those of age.

The $1.99 app for iPhone and Android scans the barcode on the back of a driver’s license and decodes the information. Government issue IDs require the information on the front of a driver’s license to be encoded into a bar code on the back. Barzapp decodes the barcode for the user to see.  If it matches what’s on the front of the license, then the ID most likely is real.  If it doesn’t, most likely the license is a fake.

Until the app (or another program that uses the same technology) takes wind at the airports, TSA agents will probably continue to use the same methods it used for years; simply eyeballing identifications and checking embedded holograms against a black light which any good fake ID could pass.


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