Twitter Looking to Curb Fake Follower Market after IPO

Since Twitter has released its IPO on Wall Street, the company hopes to curb the buying and selling of “followers” amongst social media specialists.

According to the Huffington Post, social media has grown by leaps and bounds since Myspace was created in 2003. What started out as a way for bands and teens to connect with other people through friendship has grown as a way for eager business owners to reach a larger target market and grow their businesses.

However, a common “account-building” tactic is to have social media specialists find followers for a certain business to help reach their main target market. Unfortunately, that business has grown into a black market type of program that will basically mill out followers, whether they are actually interested in a certain product or service in the first place.

Firms selling Fake Followers often violate the user agreements of the major social media networks to create and manage thousands of zombie accounts.

Fake accounts often use photos of scantily clad women, sequentially numbered account names with bios claiming to be coffee experts. These fake accounts are registered in Russia, Nigeria, China, India, and other distant countries.

An interesting statistic by Statistic Brain is that nearly 40 percent of Twitter accounts pay more attention to other tweets than they actually tweet on their own account. Obviously, any twitter account with greater than 40 percent inactive followers should be regarded as suspect.

After Twitter raided the amount of accounts for social media follower mills, the company that claims only 5 percent of all accounts are fake.


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