GMAT is Both a Journey and Destination for Business Goals

Experts at Magoosh say that every problem with GMAT a person experiences helps to reflect the business career they are going to ultimately choose.

According to Magoosh, most people take the GMAT because they want to go to business school; they want to go to business school to get an MBA; they want an MBA because they … want lots of money, or revel in the entrepreneurial spirit, or have a dream.

There is some end, some goal, miles and miles away from the actual GMAT. Unfortunately, if the GMAT is just a step to a step to a step on the way to something you really want, that distance from the goal probably doesn’t give the GMAT the prioritization needed to meet the challenge it poses.  

Every problem on the GMAT helps to reflect some aspects about the life of an executive. Instead of  viewing the GMAT as an extraneous challenge,those taking it should respect it and give the attention it deserves. It is important to see it as a representative of the career that you are wanting to choose.

However, one of the unfortunate paradoxes of GMAT test prep is that, if you want a lofty GMAT score, the very last thing on which test takers should focus is the score itself, as real life is not divided by the different sections. In corporate businesses, executives will have to take all the skills from the different sections and use them together. Any advice retained as good or not-so-good GMAT score would mean are are useless for trying to prep for the exam. It’s different for every person.


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