Rasmussen to Begin Offering New Graphic Design Degrees

To keep up with growing industry demands, Rasmussen College has decided to add graphic design to their list of academic programs.

A year ago, Rasmussen staff decided that, to help the college gian more students and enthusiasm for what’s in by popular demand, a new graphic design program will be offered both on campus and online through its 24 U.S. campus extensions, including the New Port Richey and West Pasco campuses.

Administrators and professionals at Rasmussen College made the decision to participate in an academic program review, which is done periodically to identifying growing industries and adjust the school’s curriculum to give students an up-to-date educational experience. Through the program review, the staff learned that graphic design would be the most helpful for their current and prospective students.

Graphic design careers are expected to grow 13 percent over the next 10 years while computer system design will see more than 61 percent growth, said Jennifer Ayotte, dean of the Rasmussen School of Design dean. The graphic design degree program has been enhanced to prepare students for the areas of greatest job growth, specifically focusing on up-to-date skills in mobile and interactive design and user experience.

The graphic design program is opening immediately. Enrollment is currently being accepted and classes will begin with the Spring semester in January of 2014.

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