45 Million Flowers Make Up the Miracle Garden: Dubailand

Dubai’s Miracle Garden has opened for its second season with many new features

Dubailand has recently opened its doors to the public again, with featured access to its Miracle Garden of over 45 million flowers this season. The developer’s of the garden, Akar Landscaping Services & Agriculture, say that this second season will include incredible floral sculptures including a UAE floral flag, a butterfly park, an edible garden, an aromatic garden and a floral clock.

“Nearly 700,000 people visited our garden during the first season (February 14 to May 18, 2013). In this new season, we are expecting the numbers to cross a million,” the company said in a statement emailed to Emirates. The opening will be conducted in two phases.

The first phase will display giant structures made out of sunflowers forming seven stars, seven flower hearts and huge dazzling flowers constructed in 3D art design. This phase will also include seven pyramids, one of which will be a giant UAE flag designed in flowers. In order to add a romantic vibe to the garden, two flower-arched pathways, shaded by hanging flower baskets will be available for couples to stroll through.

A birthday corner made with 3D design will be opened in this phase for the young ones celebration days. Artificial animals, flower boats and an umbrella pathway with a flower tunnel will also be revealed. An Islamic Arch Design will also be part of phase one along with flower apple structures, Lilium flower lamps, a vertical buried cars zone and a Ferrari car with the driver decorated by flowers.

New to the Miracle Garden will be a floral clock, around 13 meters in diameter, with changeable designs for each season (twice a year). The clock will be cuckoo clock style, having a small bird tweeting every 15 minutes. Three colorful peacocks will also grace the Miracle Garden.

The second phase will open in January and feature a Butterfly Garden decorated with flowers and designed in 3D. Different color, size and species of butterflies will occupy the garden that will encompass 1,800 square meters under nine domes. “Between these domes, we will have an alluring butterfly museum and butterfly flower park. All the designs will be built consistently on the butterfly garden theme,” the landscaping company added.

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