Plumbing on Tap Releases infographic on UK’s Energy Pricing Rise for Winter

Money Saving Advice: High Energy Prices in the UK
Money Saving Advice: High Energy Prices in the UK

Energy prices are set to spike this winter and many UK consumers are unaware of this fact or the health risks associated with exposure to cold weather. A new infographic brought to you by shows major UK energy companies will be increasing prices significantly.

The Npower increase will be up 10.4%, SSE up 8.2% and British Gas up by 9.2%. This includes an electricity price rise of 9.3% and a gas price rise of 11.1%. The moves will increase the annual average dual-fuel bill of 3.1 million customers by adding an extra £137 to the expense, bringing it up to £1,459.

Plumbing on Tap, a fully Gas Safe certified and well respected plumbing company, is promoting the infographic to make Britons aged 65 and over aware of the health risks of insufficient heating in the home and give them some tips on saving energy to avoid these risks. An elderly person that is cold will experience higher blood pressure and be more susceptible to heart attacks and strokes. Nationally, 24,000 preventable deaths associated with health problems occur in the UK each winter.

Around 3,000,000 elderly citizens or 28% of Britons aged 65 and over are concerned about staying warm this winter with the rising energy costs. Of Britons older than 64, 55% are worried about the soaring cost of energy itself and 22% did not know the serious health risks associated with being cold. Age seems to creep up on you and being cold in the winter just becomes part of life. Only 14% of Britons older than 64 realize that being cold can increase their chance of a heart attack and less than 10% know that strokes can be brought on by the cold.

Cold temperatures in the home of the elderly can increase the risk and severity of flu, chest infections and other respiratory problems. A survey of 1,100 Britons aged 65 and over conducted by the World Health Organization found that four out of five respondents did not know the ideal room temperatures that promote good health. The ideal living room temperature should be 70F (21C) and above, while bedrooms should be a minimum of 64F (18C). See this information and an extensive list of energy saving tips on the infographic provided by Plumbing on Tap.

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