AZ Naturals Releases New Raspberry Ketones Formula – “Number 1 Miracle In A Bottle To Burn Your Fat” – According To Dr. Oz

Raspberry Ketones have gone from obscurity, to becoming the highest selling weight loss supplement on the market.

HOUSTON, TEXAS. December 6, 2013, To the delight of the many AZ Natural Supplements customers, management has announced the release of their Pure Raspberry Ketones formulation. Raspberry Ketones have taken the weight-loss industry by storm, and have become the hottest selling weight-loss supplement on the planet. No doubt that when Dr. Oz referred to Raspberry Ketones as the “Number One Miracle In A Bottle To Burn Fat”, sales shot through the roof. Dr. Oz noted that there is good science behind this compound.

Raspberry Ketone is the natural compound found in raspberries that gives them their sweet bouquet, but initial research discovered that these ketones actually regulate the storage of fat cells in the body, and speed up the metabolism to cause a loss of fatty tissue. Without getting too technical, these ketones act as a modulator for the fat-cell hormone Adiponectin. An increase in this special hormone, has been shown to: Reduce high levels of fatty acids, improve fat burning, increase insulin sensitivity, and reduce blood sugar.

After further research, it was proven that Raspberry Ketones have the ability to slow down fat absorption, and act as a natural glucose replacement for  energy. This supplement does indeed seem to be a Miracle Fat Loss Supplement. The huge amount of Testimonials backs up all of the claims. The fact  that there are no known side effects of  this all natural product, makes it an ideal choice for weight loss. The use of this product, along with a good diet, exercise, and plenty of fresh water, will yield the best results.

AZ Natural Supplements supports a good diet, and is giving a Free eBook containing a superior diet plan to each customer. Now, all of this great news does not mean that everybody should run out and buy the first bottle that says Raspberry Ketones on it. Be careful, there are good brands, and bad brands. Some supplement makers get their ingredients out side of the USA, like from China, and can contain contaminants. AZ Natural Supplements only uses 100% HPLC Certified Pure Ingredients in their formulas, and manufactures in the USA in a GMP Certified Facility.

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