iHome Alarm Systems Widens ADT Home Alarm Coverage to California and Florida

iHome Alarm Systems is delighted to announce that they have extended their ADT monitored home alarm coverage to include California, Florida and other states. The company known for providing home security services in Los Angeles is expanding their reach nationwide.

Homeowners living in California and Florida will be delighted to know that the home security company, iHome Alarm Systems has extended their ADT monitored home alarm coverage to these places. The company expanded their coverage nationwide to provide more homes with a home security feature using ADT monitored home alarm system. The company is known for providing home security service in Los Angeles and Orange Counties for years. The recent expansion is part of the company’s goal to extend their ADT security services outside the Los Angeles area. ADT security services include burglar alarm monitoring, fire & smoke monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring, flood & temperature monitoring, panic button and emergency services.

The ADT monitored home security network is spread throughout the US and helps in the early detection and prevention of fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and theft. It also provides a quick response for medical emergencies. Once the monitoring system goes off, the local fire, police and medical team are quickly notified and dispatched to the house. For homeowners who are on vacation, they will be also be notified once the alarm is triggered. iHome Alarm Systems provides ADT security to protect homeowners, their families and properties from theft and unwanted accidents for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With their recent expansion, more homeowners can avail of the home security system.

There have been many reported crimes related to burglary and unwanted property intrusion. Some of these incidents led to casualties in the household.  Every house should be equipped with a home security system to keep potential thieves from entering the house. An effective alarm system is a strong deterrent against burglars. Other than being a deterrent, home alarms are also essential in detecting indoor troubles such as fires and gas leaks. If they are detected in an early stage, there is still a chance to prevent it from causing significant property damage and physical injury.

About iHome Alarm Systems

IHome Alarm Systems offers home security and monitoring services through ADT Monitoring System. The company is located at American Home Alarms Call Center Address, 128 E Huntington Drive Unit B, Arcadia, CA 91006. Their number is 1-888-381-1562. Visit Ihomealarmsystems.com for more details.

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