Emergency Plumber Alexandria Stresses the Environmental and Economical Impact of a Leaking Tap

Emergency Plumber Alexandria warns their clients of the effect of a leaking tap. The company stresses that a leaking tap has significant impact to the environment and to the household’s water bill as well.

A common plumbing annoyance is a leaking tap. The constant dripping noise is a sure torment yet the problem is often neglected by many homeowners. Emergency Plumber Alexandria released an article that highlights the impact of a leaking tap and why it should be repaired immediately. According to the article, one leaking tap left unfixed can waste up to 20,000 liters of water every year. Multiplied to the number of homes and workplaces that have dripping taps, it easily becomes a significant environmental problem that should be tackled immediately. Households that ignore a leaking tap will experience an increase in their water bill and cause unnecessary water wastage. The company stated that repairing a leaking tap is quick and inexpensive. They encourage their clients to have their leaking taps fixed to help protect the environment and save money at the same time. They also added that they can offer other devices that can be installed on plumbing fixtures to prevent leaking. The services are available 24/7 and are available for a quotation.

There are many causes for a leaking tap and the most common cause is a defective washer. The washer is responsible for controlling the flow of water in the fixture. If it is damaged in any way, the water may rush into the pipe even when the tap is turned off. If the tap is on but the water is leaking below the head, it is likely that the gland packaging or O-ring needs replacing. A possible cause of this defect can be soap seeping into the spindle reducing the amount of lubricating grease. If these defects are left ignored for a long time, it may worsen and cause more damage to the fixture and nearby plumbing components.

For more information about their leak repair services, clients can visit their website Emergencyplumberalexandria.com.au.

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Emergency Plumber Alexandria is a plumbing company located in, Sydney, NSW 2203. The company offers numerous plumbing services from leak repair to bathroom fittings. Their number is 1800 862 565 and email address is info@sydneyemergencyplumbing.com.au.

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