Kansas City gets Second Chance at Google Fiber’s Blazing Fast Gigabit Internet

According to Google, Kansas City residents will be getting a second chance at signing up for Google Fiber, the fastest internet yet to be on the market.

Sign ups within the Kansas City, Kansas and central Kansas City, Missouri have already been taken, but Google felt inclined in the Christmas season to bring it available again for people who couldn’t afford to sign up the first time, extending the new deadline for December 22. Those in the 180 designated “fiberhoods” will be given the opportunity to choose between different types of downloads speeds.

According to Google, Internet at 5 Mbps and 1 Mbps, is 100 times faster than even what the fastest DSL, Cable and Satellite are available now. Gigabit Internet plus a full TV package with 200 plus channels, including all the usual suspects seen in regular television themes, such as ESPN, USA and the local media outlets, will begin at just $120 a month, and the free Internet option won’t require users to pay construction costs, which is a $300 dollar one-time setup fee, which can be split and paid over the first 12 months.

Google will also be adding new neighborhoods in and around Kansas City in March to help expand its user database and give others a chance to sign up if they wish to leave their own internet providers. However, a certain number of percentage of homes need to be signed up before Google and the company will commit to launching the new service. 

The signups added now go live in “spring of 2014”, so those neighborhoods aren’t likely the first to go back before the summer is over.

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