Lovability Inc. Revolutionizes Condom Branding By Marketing Exclusively Toward Women

23 Year Old Female Founder Launches Condom Collection Classy Enough For Upscale Retailers And Announces: “Goodbye To Embarrassment And Hello To Empowerment”

(New York, NY) – Just in time for Christmas, Lovability Inc. is making the first upscale male condoms exclusively marketed toward women.
“Many women feel uncomfortable purchasing condoms because they are often associated with promiscuity, hypersexuality, and masculinity. Because of this, in many cases women rely on men to be prepared.” Notes 23-year old social entrepreneur and graduate student, Tiffany Gaines. “But that’s all about to change.”

Lovability Condoms, is taking a stance on the issue of equal responsibility for protected sex by making condoms available for women in comforting retail environments that reflect warmth, femininity, and intimacy. These condoms are uniquely packaged in a chic and discrete way that mimics that of a cosmetic product.

“Lovability’s premium, FDA approved, male condoms, are sold online at www.lovabilitycondoms.com, as well as beauty supply stores, lingerie stores, accessory boutiques and other upscale retail stores, providing a pleasant shopping experience while empowering women to take sexual health into their own hands.” says President Tiffany Gaines.
“We’re transforming condoms to become a much less shame-inducing and far more acceptable product so that they reflect the feminine empowerment and self-love that they stand for,” says Tiffany’s mom, Pam Gaines, who fully supports her daughter, so much so that she decided to co-found the company with her.  “We’re doing this by making the act of purchasing condoms, carrying them in a purse, and being prepared with them far more delightful for women than ever before.”
Lovability’s social mission is to de-stigmatize women’s relationship with condoms, encourage shared responsibility for sexual protection, and promote more open communication among all women in regard to safe sex. One of the ways they’ll be doing this is by partnering with sororities on college campuses, and offering them the opportunity to raise money for their designated philanthropy efforts while encouraging safe sex among sorority sisters. A “win-win” if there ever was one.
“We’re also connecting the Lovability Condom brand to a much larger, heartfelt social mission that celebrates the empowerment that comes from a woman taking responsibility for her own health and wellness,” states Tiffany Gaines. “Our premium condom brand is just the beginning of a much larger goal of creating a movement and lifestyle all about celebrating the power of self-protection, which is an essential part of self-love. Stay tuned.”

For more information about Lovability Condoms and to order them now for yourself and those you care about just in time for the holidays, visit: www.lovabilitycondoms.com
For more information about The Lovability Movement, visit: www.thelovabilitymovement.com
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Contact Tiffany Gaines at LovabilityInfo@gmail.com or 858.243.4404. if you wish to speak further about Lovability Condoms or The Lovability Movement.

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