In 2014, iPhone 6 will Have Larger Screens

iPhablets are also rumored to be part of the production models.

Released two months ago, the iPhone 5S and 5C has disappointed many fans of Apple products due to its stubbornly small screen size. However, many of them are heartened as they squint at their new phone to read that analysts expect next year’s iPhone 6 to have a much larger screen that will be ‘tougher than concrete’ and measure at least 4.8 inches.

The tiny four-inch iPhone display is eye strainingly smaller than many competitors such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, with a 5.7-inch screen. MacRumors reports, “Apple’s 2013 focus was a less expensive iPhone to go alongside its standard flagship offering, while 2014 development [will] center around a bigger display.” The site continues, “Apple is reportedly testing a variety of different prototypes. All of the reports have indicated a size ranging from 4.7 to 5.7 inches.”

Apple may release two iPhone 6 models, according to Know Your Mobile. One size will be the slightly larger, pocket size, standard issue iPhone and the other will be the economy sized phone-tablet hybrid now known as phablets. “There may be multiple models, just as we saw with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C,” the Know Your Mobile site reports. “We may be looking at a 4.8-inch ‘standard’ model to replace the iPhone 5S and a larger 5-inch to 6-inch model as a phablet competitor.”

Many technical changes will have to take place to accommodate the new screen size, however. To maintain the Retina resolution of the existing device, the engineers at Apple will have to increase the pixel count on the new screen. To fit the new screen dimensions, app developers will also have to redesign their apps.

Reports suggest the screen will be as tough as nails and made out of sapphire crystal, a hardwearing man made material, which will not scratch even if it is slid across concrete. According to the International Business Times, GT Advanced Technologies has recently received $578 million from Apple to manufacture the sapphire crystal and gear up for large-scale production.


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