Infographic explains perils of common roofing errors and why prevention is best

Common Roofing Problems To Avoid
Gold Key Roofing Releases Common Roofing Problems Infographic

When putting up a new roof or fixing an existing one, an owner must consider the many roofing pitfalls and problems that can arise. That is why Gold Key Roofing has created an infographic explaining exactly what one can expect when considering putting up roofing.

According to the infographic there are various culprits to the roofing project. Five specific culprits jump to the top of the list, the first being: Weathering.

Roof material is going to deteriorate and that all has to do with the weather and climate that changes in an constant ebb and way over time. Inorganic roofing material are less susceptible to the conditions outside. Exposure to pollutants and industrial atmospheric conditions will wear on a roofing, period.

The infographic also explains that the field of singles are also troublesome for most owners. Blowoffs, water pooling, and shrinking field of membranes are all common occurrences. It is impossible to avoid the older a roof gets, but having the roof properly installed as well as properly maintenance when needed makes the difference.

Of course, wind is a common enemy of any roof. The roofing membrane system can only do so much, but the uplifting pressures created through the natural environment, as well as vacuum winds can each cause breaking and lifting both individual shingles, as well as entire sections if not properly installed or maintained.

The head wall flashing or wall step flashing can also be problematic. The head wall is the slope that meets the flat facing of a wall. This is where rainwater can creating pooling. It is not always easy to identify but can cause severe damage. The wall step is where the roof meets a wall on a slop that runs along the wall. When not installed properly it can allow leakage.

Finally, basic and widespread design problems can occur. As one would imagine, this can cause all sorts of problems. Deformities in the shaping, leakage probability, and lacking roof material continuity can all be a problem that then is created.

The infographic points out that neglecting possible problems is always, in the end, worse than preventing the problems in the first place. On average, the cost to fix damage is nearly $6,500. According to the graphic, preventing such damage is just over $1,000.


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