USA Inventor Creates the Safest Open-And-Clean Drinking Bottle

Athens, Georgia USA – An American inventor has created a reusable liquid drinking bottle that allows its users to full clean every part by hand or in the dishwasher. No need for bottlebrushes or other implements.  The stainless steel bottle separates in the center, at about the halfway point, and allows the user to unscrew the upper from the lower portions.  What this means is the user can fully affect the inside with whatever washing technique they desire.

Dubbed the Open-And-Clean bottle, this fully patent pending design is double layered for insulation, and is deep metal pressed.  “By pressing the high quality stainless steel, there is no weld of any kind.  This omitted weld could not have been the same stainless steel since it had to melt at a lower temperature, and usually it is some sort of unhealthy brass amalgam”, begins Marc Caldwell, the inventor’s representative.

He adds, “So, if the metal is pressed, then no weld, and the liquid inside never touches any dangerous substance used to make the weld.  It is either surgical quality silicone for sealing, or deep pressed stainless steel, surrounded by a removable outside insulating polycarbonate skin.”  All parts of the Open-And-Clean reusable liquid drinking bottle separate and are fully top and bottom rack high heat dishwasher safe.

The inventor is presenting his invention to a variety of investors and has applied to be on the television show Shark Tank where entrepreneurs have a chance to pitch their product or service for investment purposes to a panel of celebrity business leaders.

The concept for the Open-And-Clean reusable liquid drinking bottle evolved from the inventor’s personal struggles with difficult to remove mold and debris that would build on the inside of drinking bottles, and of a concern for plastic-like bottles that may contain dangerous substances that can mix into the liquid.

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Country: United States