LEC Ventures Launches A Triple Scale Hydrometer On Amazon For Beer And Wine Making At Home

Marking a significant upgrade in the selection of Triple Scale Hydrometers for Home Beer and Wine Making, LEC Ventures releases new product offering viewed as a second generation instrument.

SPRINGDALE, MARYLAND, January 2, 2014, Many successful new products are based on the concept of taking an existing product, and re-engineering it for the better. This is what Best Measure has done with its new Triple Scale Hydrometer.. This unit is designed and calibrated to test Density, Alcohol and Brix in the process of Home Beer and Wine Making.

Often referred to as the most valuable tool a winemaker can possess, it is used to measure the “gravity”, or weight of a liquid in relation to what water weighs. Since science knows the relation of gravity to water, the result that is measured is called “specific gravity”. A liquid that is heavy, will cause the Hydrometer to float higher, such as a liquid containing sugar. In a light liquid, such as water or alcohol, it will float lower. Yeast is an ingredient used in the home brewing process, and it turns sugar into alcohol. If it is known how much sugar was at the start and end of the process, it is a simple matter to figure out how much alcohol is present.

The Best Measure Hydrometer is one of the most accurate Triple Scale Hydrometers on the market, and for this reason, it is backed by a Lifetime Free Replacement Guarantee if inaccurate, no questions asked. The scales for specific gravity, potential alcohol and Brix are clearly marked on the inside of the unit.  Specifications – Specific gravity: 0.99-1.160; Potential alcohol: 0%~20%; Brix: 0-35. Accuracy: Specific Gravity 0.002; Potential Alcohol 1%; Brix 0.5.

Karl Balling, a German chemist, invented the first winemaking scale in 1843. It had a slight error which was corrected by Dr. Adolf F. Brix in 1870. The corrected scale is now known as the Brix scale. There were no great improvements over the years until the Hydrometer Triple Scale came along, and the one by LEC Ventures is an improvement on the original concept.

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