Is Launched To Provide The Missing Link Between The Consumer And The Pharmacist

New site is a health information portal that bridges the gap providing vital information to guide the visitor into making the most informed choices for a better outcome.

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, January 2, 2014, was launched recently to provide consumer support 24-hours a day, seven days a week. People now have a place to go for answers from Licensed Pharmacists and Nurse Practitioners who have the expertise to answer health related questions which is done via email. Interesting and educational articles are continuously posted on the site’s blog. is dedicated to making visitors pharmacy visits more efficient and productive.  Thanks to this new site, people can have access to vital information about medications, including dosage and side effects. Thousands of people are subject to unnecessary side effects for choosing incorrect medications for specific symptoms. A question/answer session with one of the site’s professionals will result in safer use of OTC medications as well as answer private questions that the consumer may be embarrassed to ask in person.

The company reports that many times people are just too shy to ask the proper questions when they are in the Pharmacy. This can and does result in people buying the wrong product for their health condition, and also not complying with proper dosage. This is not an insignificant factor given the fact that many people share their medications with family and friends without having the knowledge to do so. At least now they can ask some direct questions to a health practitioner for some expert guidance which may avoid the harmful use of OTC and prescription medications. sheds light on the simple to complex health questions that arise in folks everyday lives. Questions like: What does the label on a pill bottle mean? What do certain RX Terms mean?  Many people have questions about active ingredients and their purpose, or even some facts about the Flu. Of particular importance is the information provided about High Blood Pressure and Diabetes, OTC medications that can be taken during pregnancy, OTC medications that are effective for cough, cold & flu conditions, and the plethora of medical news articles on the Blog.

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