Harlequins Enigma Announces 6 CD Testament Due For Release In January 2014

Harlequins Enigma the band is now back with a hot 6 cd set album release covering the very best of all material produced from 2008 till december 2013. the albums are released as a 3 part double album series. the first called “tears”. the second “at the standstill”, & the third called “thinking of the future”. harlequins enigma owner åge riisnes was introduced to music in 1991 via protracker on the amiga platform. he had like all others a hard time starting from scratch producing music.

His goals in the 90`s was to become boom jinx, atjazz & mantronix`equal in skills but ended his career in 1998 with a footnote claiming to have reached an above intermediate state in music. his comeback in 2006 through 2007 was also tracker based, untill 2008 where he started his 16 bit career in the 16bit professional league. Later in his career he refers to an incident that happened at haukeland sykehus in bergen, norway (a psychiatric hospital) in 2000 or 2001. Here a senior doctor called him a medium & he was was quite stunned to hear such a message. In music åge riisnes has made mental/spiritual contact with professional musicians such as vangelis, tangerine dream, jean michel jarre, klaus schulze, jan garbarek, kate bush, dave weckl,
kitaro & many others. In 2009 harlequins enigma produced 400 tracks, both 8 bit & 16 bit, & many of them made it to finished masters. Age reports these new compilations to be top of the line masters from his solo & coop career with others. the music included is a hot topic how a brainchild have coped in his struggles to reach a professional level as a composer, & also how the material will be received by the media & critics for apprentice åge riisnes. åge sees himself as an apprentice compared to vangelis, jan garbarek, jarre, schulze, tangerine dream,
kate bush, garbarek, kitaro & dave weckl, but admits that some of the pieces have evergreen potential & should not be missed by fans of electronica, dance & new age music, & fans of jarre, vangelis, schulze, tangerine dream, kate bush, kitaro, jan garbarek, dave weckl & others.

åge reveals a secret about the 3 double albums, where most of the material was sessions made in record speed, & how he took challenge after challenge with jean michel jarre one day to kate bush or tangerine dream another day.. it was for him a big challenge, but despite lots of headaches & trouble with hackers, he has succeeded & release this 6 cd set digitally with a glad heart. åge recalls the track lite side of the moog which lured klaus schulze to him where later a coop of 15+ tracks were made by him, klaus & others totally. vangelis was the first person to appear mentally in a coop that got complete with harlequins enigma in mid 2008, when the band was very young & saw the making of the track 3 footsteps. kitaro was first man aboard
with help for a struggling åge who made a track called brown eyes, where kitaro shared his expertise. åge also played a series of solo sax sessions with jan garbarek & many drum sessions with dave weckl.

Sara jensen, katie leung, elin berge & other members of åge`s family were somewhere around the corner during the making of this 6cd testament. åge has in real life little or no contact with the busy composers that has been in sessions with him during the harlequins enigma period, that came to life in may 2008, when the band was founded. åge has a milestone or two for the record. one is being recommended with his 8 bit track 90`s waves featuring jean michel jarre, sara jensen & elin berge on junodownload.com under leftfield in april 2012. the other is the
jean michel jarre track “bells” from metamorphosis, that åge partially made in 1991 as a protracker module. The track was used by jean michel jarre in 1998 under a time of worldwide engagement when åge was hospitalized in a survailance case, which led to the resignment of prime minister jens stoltenberg in norway. åge`s life has been spent in his municipality fjell since 1995 where he still lives. åge feels though as he has been living in taboo city while he was there, & wishes for the media to take interest in what is going on. åge is a medium, an
agnostic, & left the state church in 2010, & believes strongly in god, & that certain religions can be horribly fanatic like christianity. åge is a member of dyrebeskyttelsen norway & amnesty international & has wished for piece for a long time during his career in music & poetry. He has made a joke about it seeing his mind as the globe. where hurricanes
runs wild, but earthly as he is he says he survives & like the breeze, the quiet life & the more feminine values as his life`s path.

åge urges journalists & music/media/radio personell to take contact for reviews and/or interviews around harlequins enigma`s latest 6cd set that is a remarkable piece of history, all made for the people of our world.

the tracks on this 6 cd set were mastered in various mastering studios like: abbey road mastering, alchemy mastering, last drop mastering, xtream audio mastering, waveline audio mastering, trackwriterz, subdub mastering. universal music studios & rak mastering.

harlequins enigma reports the album to be released via distributor cdbaby, & shall have a release date of january 2014. included on the third double album is a new track called thoughts about life & is a bonus for the series. this track was composed at harlequins enigma`s heights in 2009 & was untill recently almost destroyed.

tears index:

3 Footsteps Feat. Vangelis.wav
Air Ambulance.wav
Almost There Feat. Elin Berge.wav
Cauchemar Feat. J.M. Jarre, King Diamond & Sara Jensen.wav
Counting Minute.wav
Crusaders Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
Dark Light.wav
Deep Blue Sky.wav
Discontinuing Flow Feat. J.M. Jarre.wav
Draumkved Feat. Vangelis.wav
Electric Train Through Rivers In Shades Of Light.wav
Fall Fade.wav
Gazer (Rose Blood Mix) Feat. Vangelis.wav
Hearts Feat. Elin Berge.wav
Labyrinth Of The Heart Feat. Kitaro.wav
Lyra Feat. Kitaro, Elin Berge, Svein Tore Hindenes, Jan Riisnes & Sara Jensen.wav
Mental Grasp.wav
Quack Tales About Scarabs.wav
Reconvalescere Theme.wav
Red Blue White (Excerpt) Feat. Tangerine Dream & J. M. Jarre.wav
Stargazer 2 – Stargazer.wav
Stargazer 6 – Eclipse.wav
Summer Path Feat. J.M. Jarre.wav
Wanderer Part 5 – Wanderer`s Fall.wav
Warmth Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
When I Was Young Twice Feat.Veela.wav
Years Feat. Sara Jensen.wav

at the standstill index:

A Rose For My Android.wav
Battle Without Dishonour Feat. Elin Berge.wav
Big Cat (Chase) Feat. Elin Berge.wav
Day Feat. Jan Riisnes.wav
Dungeon Dew Feat. Edgar Froese.wav
Ecco Of The Dolphins Feat. Svetlana (Original Mix).wav
Emily Dream Of Dragon Age.wav
Ethereal Crow Flight Part 1 (Wanderer Remaster).wav
Exegeomai Feat. Edgar Froese & Klaus Schulze.wav
Exert Force.wav
Forest Owl Couple Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
Friendship Feat. Enya, Sara Q, Emma Watson & Katie Leung.wav
Harlequins Enigma.wav
Healthy World Of Witches Feat. Kate Bush.wav
Jeopardy Feat. Edgar Froese.wav
Keys To Funk Feat. Dave Weckl.wav
Labyrinth Of The Heights Feat. Elin Berge.wav
Lite Side Of The Moog.wav
Magnetic Poles Feat. Klaus Schulze, Sara Q & Katie Leung.wav
Middle Age, Castle & Playground.wav
Raw Tangent K Feat. Lenny Kravitz.wav
Restless Resistance.wav
Sixteen Feat. Quentin Tarantino.wav
Sorceress Animated Feat. Edgar Froese.wav
Standstill Feat. Katie Leung.wav
Stargazer 1 – Moon Phase Feat. Klaus Schulze & Jan Reidar Riisnes.wav
Stargazer 10 – Voyage To A Star Feat. Jan Riisnes.wav
Storm Before The Calm Feat. Jan Larsen Timbrevig.wav
The Orchestrating Ocean Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
The Vocodex Codes Feat. Tangerine Dream, Katie Leung & Anja Garbarek.wav
Transcending Conflicts Feat. J.M. Jarre.wav
Traveling In Red Soundscape Feat. Vangelis.wav
Wanderer Part 2 – Sorcery Among Wanderers.wav
Zeal Feat. Dave Weckl.wav

thinking of the future index:

Angel (excerpt) Feat. Tangerine Dream, Katie Leung & Wendy Carlos.wav
Basis Of Pop Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
Binding Steps Feat. J.M. Jarre.wav
Choral Reeves Feat. Jerome Froese.wav
City Nights.wav
Flo & Fjære (The Tides).wav
Floating Bird Feat. Vangelis & Ståle Riisnes.wav
Keepress Of The Clock Tower.wav
Lake Frog Feat. Elin Berge & Atjazz.wav
Liberty Feat. Klaus Schulze, Trine & Rosa.wav
Misery Mirrors.wav
Motherland Feat. Depeche Mode & Kraftwerk.wav
New Love Feat Jan Garbarek.wav
Parallel Blossom.wav
Piano Session 3 Feat. Chick Corea & Jan Riisnes.wav
Relations Above The Silent City During Nightfall Feat. Tangerine Dream.wav
Rely On You Feat. Katie Leung.wav
Saturn Feat. Sara Jensen.wav
Scuba Dooby Doo Jazz Feat. Jan Garbarek, Ståle Riisnes & Sara Jensen.wav
Skyscraper Dancefloor 2 – Dancefloor In Motion.wav
Skyscraper Dancefloor 3 – Laser Jungle.wav
Stargazer 11 – Cosmos Feat. Michael Boddicker.wav
Stargazer 12 – Stars Feat. Klaus Schulze & Katie Leung.wav
Strange Noises Of Dance Feat. Elin Berge, Ståle Riisnes, Sara Jensen & Svein Tore Hindenes.wav
Strokes In Mist.wav
Sun Moon Stars. Feat. Bruce Springsteen & Katie Leung.wav
Terracotta Feat. Edgar Froese.wav
The Day Dreaming Night Feat. Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno, Trine & Rosa – Radio Edit.wav
The Hunt (L`amour) (Original Mix).wav
Thought Of Awaking.wav
Thoughts About Life Feat. Sara Q & Katie Leung.wav
Voices From The Ethereal Planes Of The Rain Forests.wav
Voices From The Suburbs Of Vienna.wav
Væren & Intet (co-existence) Feat. Vangelis, Sara Q & Elin Berge.wav
Yes My Dear Seagull.wav

Harlequins Enigma Contact Info:
harlequins enigma
åge riisnes
blombakkane 25
5354 straume
hordaland, norway

email: harlequins.enigma@yahoo.com

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