Phantoms ECigarettes Introduces Alternative to Conventional Cigarettes

PHantoms eCigarettes
Smokeless Devices Available With or Without Nicotine

The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association recently reported 2.5 million people in the U.S. now smoke electronic cigarettes. The same report showed 31% of smokers who tried ecigarettes were able to quit smoking within 6 months. Responding to these trends, Phantoms eCigarettes has introduced a line of ecigarettes and accessories that provide a satisfying alternative to traditional smoking options, says the company representative.

A company spokesperson commented, “Every day more people join the Smoke Free Revolution, as they discover intelligently designed, easy-to-use Phantoms eCigarettes€™ Pro-Series rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Phantoms makes experiencing ecigarettes simple. Each device consists of a battery-operated clearomizer tank, which customers can fill with a flavored ejuice. The ejuice is heated, to produce a mouthful of vapor. Our flavorists combine oils, extracts, and additives, to create a rich and satisfying ejuice experience, which we think is the best in the market.”

Ecigarettes consist of a mouthpiece, a tank with atomizer, and battery. Customers can buy the tanks in a variety of colors, and have a choice of two batteries. In addition, Phantoms eCigarettes offers a variety of ejuice flavors, that are made with only a few simple ingredients. Buyers have the the option of adding up to 3 nicotine strengths, which produce a thick, rich flavored eliquid. Once atomized, premium ejuice produces a satisfying vapor, but no unpleasant cigarette odors. Some of the available flavors include tobacco, menthol tobacco, cherry, blackberry, coffee, cola, cookie dough, and French vanilla. Clients can buy components separately, or choose bundles that can include a battery, tank, ejuice, a charger, and a carrying case.

“Since ecigarettes produce vapor instead of the smoke conventional cigarettes and cigars do, they can often be smoked in non-smoking public places. They are also refillable, which means they are less expensive than cigarettes. We offer a starter bundle that is a great way to begin the transition. It includes a free small case and a complimentary 10ml bottle of premium ejuice, in any flavor the client chooses. We also have ejuice with 3 levels of nicotine, or with no nicotine at all. The clearomizer reservoir tanks hold up to 1.6 milliliters of the clients’ favorite ejuice, and are available in a variety of colors. That allows our customers to mix up their smoking experience with a variety of clearomizer and ejuice options.”, commented a PHantom representative.


PHantoms eCigarettes provides a line of electronic smoking devices that offer an alternative to conventional cigars and cigarettes. The ecigarettes produce a vapor instead of smoke, and do not create unpleasant odors. The company offers a complete line of ecigarette components, in a range of sizes and colors, as well as several flavors of ejuice, with or without nicotine.

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