Infinity 2 Global Combines Online Gambling With Network Marketing

Infinity 2 Global (i2G) is the world’s first and only Tier-1 licensed online live casino network marketing company that is allowing people the chance to profit through a network marketing partnership program.

Atlantic City, NJ – January 08, 2014 — Infinity 2 Global (i2G) is the world’s first, and currently, the only Tier-1 licensed online live casino network marketing company.  This company is an already established online casino doing business for 14 years and operates in over 200 countries out of Costa Rica.

Infinity 2 Global has created a partnership that allows network marketers into a binary, 2 leg, compensation plan and earn in 6 different ways, including profit-sharing with the casino itself!

According to Forbes Magazine:
“…..With a global gambling market expected to be worth $417 billion this year and online gaming accounting for a fraction of it, the growth opportunity is humongous. And it’s even bigger in the U.S., which takes 25% of the world’s gambling profits, with only 3.3% of those coming from online.

The potential for online poker and other casino games in the U.S. is enormous. The global gambling industry’s total gross win is expected to grow 5.6% to $417 billion this year, according to intelligence firm H2 Gambling Capital.  8.1%, or $33.8 billion, will come through interactive, or online, channels, and that is expected to grow to just under 10% by 2015″  (Forbes Magazine, April 2013)

In the United states, for example, Atlantic City is one location where the state of NJ just recently passed regulation to allow online gambling through its casinos for NJ residents.

One casino alone, out of 7 others approved, the Borgata Atlantic City, has had more than 125,000 accounts (and rising) created only since between Nov 21 – Nov 25, 2013, when online gambling in NJ first became available.

In Atlantic City, experts believe that internet betting “represents the most significant expansion of gambling since the first casino opened in 1978”.

It’s been reported that: “For the internet betting companies that have joined the casinos, New Jersey is seen as the start of something much bigger. Many expect more states will legalize online gambling in coming years and that being a part of the market here will ensure a future elsewhere”.

For the rest of the world, Infinity 2 Global has set up a business partnership that allows anyone interested, gamblers and non-gamblers alike, a chance to share and/or profit in the online gambling, entertainment, and social media markets through their network marketing compensation plan.

Infinity 2 Global provides a unique opportunity for everyday people to share in the future growth of online gambling in the US and beyond, whether or not they place a single bet.

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EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Results are not typical. Even though some incomes may seem extraordinary and unbelievable, and some top distributors in Infinity 2 Global are making large incomes, that does not mean anyone else will make a dime. There are a lot of people in the company who are not making any money at all.  It all depends on individual motivation and personal effort.

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