Ceramic Material and Water Combine for Innovative New HVAC System

Using thermally conditioned ceramic panels, Spanish researchers found the can efficiently heat or cool building structures.

A group of researchers and manufacturers in Spain has developed an innovative thermal conditioning panel, which is made of ceramic material, can easily control the climate of any room and is sustainable as well as energetically efficient.

The group consists of researchers at UA Research Group on Technology and Sustainability in Architecture belonging to the University of Alicante along with the Institute for Ceramic Technology (ITC) and the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles and Pavements (ASCER).

The use of ceramic material is what makes this new HVAC system so innovative. According to the water temperature that flows through the capillary structure incorporated into the panel, the room in which it is housed will be heated or cooled. Director and lecturer Víctor Echarri Iribarren, of the UA Research Group on Technology and Sustainability in Architecture explains: “This material had not been used so far in combination with a capillary system of water distribution.”

Victor Echarri adds, “The system, based on fixed factory assembled panels, is made up of several layers and can be easily installed in ceilings and walls. It requires minimal maintenance and can be deployed across multiple designs and configurations, allowing the creation of panels of different sizes and formats.”

Ceramic manufacturing companies can easily develop a line of products based on this technology. Victor Echarri states: “This innovative form of air conditioning is compatible for use in sustainable construction, as it is environmentally friendly for containing ceramic and polypropylene.

“The system, working with moderate water temperatures, allows the use of renewable solar, geothermal and biomass energy, both in summer and winter. Also, the material provides other advantages such as light weight, easy maintenance and the ability to set custom formats tailored to the needs of the architect,” he concluded.

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