5 Tips to Consider Before You Consider Divorce

Know your rights under the law and obtain council before you enter divorce court.

Separation and divorce can be very difficult and emotionally draining, especially when children are involved. It can also be financially draining, so knowing your rights under the law is important. Here are some tips to keep in mind before and during the process:

  1. Fighting on principle or just for spite is a bad decision and emotions have no place in the decision making process. A long-term, drawn out battle can have adverse economic and emotional consequences. However, you should not give up your rights just to try to get the case over with. Channel your energies, understand your options and make informed decisions.

  1. Determine your goals, your lawyer cannot do it all for you. Keep them in perspective and do not lose control of your case. The advice of family and friends will just confuse you most of the time. Decide on your goals and work only with your lawyer to obtain them. If you lose control, you place yourself at the mercy of the judicial system. If you lose control of the case, you lose control of your options. The court decides your case and your only remedy may be a costly appeal. Many divorce results are last-minute settlements, which are to neither side’s satisfaction and that means the final decree is never actually final.

  1. During the process, keep the channels of communication open with the other side. A negotiated settlement is a long lasting one. Try to negotiate as many of the issues as you can. Never allow one lawyer to prepare an agreement and never sign an agreement without the advice of your own lawyer.

  1. The cost of litigated divorces can be staggering. They can cost thousands of dollars and may take years to settle. Some parties get so upset in the process that they no longer care what it cost until it is over and they are left empty handed.

  1. A divorce that leads to bankruptcy benefits no one. A large settlement does not guarantee your security. More and more, bankruptcy is being used in divorce to avoid obligations required by divorce courts. During a divorce, bankruptcy puts a hold on divorce proceedings until the bankruptcy is completed. After a divorce, bankruptcy can destroy your settlement.

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