Bloomberg Imposing a “Nanny State” in the Countries Largest City

The New York City Council recently added electronic cigarettes to the city’s strict smoking ban.

On Thursday, the New York City Council added to the city’s strict smoking ban, electronic cigarettes. This is just the latest of many anti-American tobacco measures put in place by outgoing aristocratic Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s free thinking; hard working detractors have ridiculed him for trying to impose a “nanny state” in the countries largest city. Instead of allowing the citizens of the city to make their own health decisions, Bloomberg has attempted to limit the sale of large sugary drinks and trans-fats, while intensifying bans on smoking.

Could picking appropriate spouses be far behind, some critics wonder. Self-righteous public health advocates applaud his efforts, with one eye on the newly mandated health care law. Some detractors see this as a new venue for the holier-than-thou (and insurance companies) to impose their beliefs on the public at large.

The City Council voted 43-8 to add e-cigarettes to the city’s Smoke-Free Air Act only weeks after it prohibited those 21 years of age and under from purchasing tobacco. New York is the first major city to do so. The mayor is expected to sign the bill prohibiting “vaping” or smoking e-cigarettes, after 120 days, at private and public venues such as office buildings, parks, restaurants and beaches. New Jersey, North Dakota and Utah have also passed legislation, banning e-cigarettes wherever smoking is prohibited.

A ban would do more harm than good; critics such as former U.S. Surgeon General, Richard Carmona, suggest. Carmona, board member at NJOY, one of America’s largest electronic cigarette manufacturers, stated in a letter to the council: “I’m extremely concerned that a well-intentioned but scientifically unsupported effort like the current proposal to include electronic cigarettes in New York’s current smoking ban, could constitute a giant step backward in the effort to defeat tobacco smoking.” He points to a recently published study in the British medical journal, The Lancet, finding e-cigarettes are as effective as nicotine patches for smokers trying to kick the habit.


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