ATM System Solutions Unveils HALO ATM Introducing New Features Including the HALO Pin Pad

ATM Systems Solutions unveils HALO ATM. The new ATM model is equipped with modern features such as 10.1” screen and a HALO pin pad.

ATM Systems Solutions is delighted to announce the new addition to their line of retail ATMS. The new model dubbed as HALO ATM is the company’s new brainchild that comes with new features and details. In their website, the company stated the new HALO ATM offers the latest innovative, state-of-the-art ATM design and technology while it delivers the same high quality and proven reliability that their clients expect from them. The machine is equipped with new features such as a sleek design and modern interface.

A major upgrade in the model is its user friendly interface displayed on a 10.1 inch screen. Another noticeable addition is the HALO pin pad. The HALO pin pad is a circular encasement of the keyboard carved into the machine creating a unique and modern look. The HALO pin pad is equipped with multi-colored LED lights that are continually changing. In contrast to other retail ATMs available in ATM Systems Solutions, the new model sports a sleeker design which gets its inspiration from Apple products. Besides the large 10 inch screen it also includes an e-receipts option for QR codes, an improved lighting console designed to draw more attention to the machine and an EMV ready card reader. The HALO ATM is available in two versions. The first version includes a brush finished fascia while the second version comes with a high gloss colored finish. The second version also features a metal keypad.

The HALO ATM is a successor to the Hyosung 1800 ATM. Vaults, components , parts and footprints of the new ATM is almost identical to the 1800 model. Parts from the older model can be used in the HALO ATM.

ATM Systems Solutions hopes that the new HALO ATM will help retailers and banks provide a faster and better service to their clients.

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ATM Systems Solutions, Inc is founded in 1995 and is known for distributing new and used ATM equipment at wholesale prices as well as ATM customer service and processing. The company is located at 206 Sedgwick Dr., Syracuse, NY 13203. Their website is


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