Infographic by Auto Insurance Ape Breaks down Auto Insurance Coverage by State

Insurance By State Infographic
The types of automobile insurance vary widely from state to state but a new infographic puts the many variables into a context that is easy to understand.

Automobile insurance is mandatory in just about every state in the union but the minimum coverage differs from state to state. The specific breakdowns of the different types of general coverage also differ widely from state to state. In a significant number of accidents, the other party is underinsured or uninsured and the payment of retributions can take years to clear the courts.

Similarly, determining who is at fault may become a lengthy procedure and this is where no-fault insurance comes into play. A new State Automobile Insurance Infographic provided by Auto Insurance Ape defines no-fault insurance as, “Insurance where a party who is injured in an automobile accident recovers damages up to a specific amount against his own insurance company regardless of who was responsible for the accident.”

The infographic also outlines how car insurance requirements differ from state to state as well as their mandatory requirements. The infographic has three color-coded maps of the United States, which depict auto insurance requirements by state; the minimum coverage of driver, uninsured and property coverage; and most importantly, the types of no-fault insurance available in each state.

Due to the time consuming and costly court battles that can be involved in motor vehicle accidents, no-fault insurance was designed to indemnify motorists up to a specific amount regardless of who is at fault. In this way, the expensive and sometimes difficult small claims can be taken out of the court system.

There are three different types of no-fault insurance, qualitative, quantitative and choice no-fault; each state falls into one of the categories. In qualitative no-fault insurance only particular categories of injury are covered. In quantitative no-fault insurance, there is a specific dollar amount that must be exceeded for the coverage to kick in. In choice no-fault, a motorist can choose between traditional tort and no-fault coverage.

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