Infographic By Davinci Vaporizer shows benefits of aromatherapy with Ecigs

The Benefits of Aromatherapy Blends
Aromatherapy and Your Health

For centuries, herbs have been used as a food staple as well as for their medicinal attributes in the Orient. Just the aromas from many of these herbs are thought to have medicinal value. They were chopped up and burned as incense in numerous rituals and at home as folk remedies.

Ginseng, Green Tea and Ginkgo are just a few of these ancient Chinese secrets. In modern times, they are used by themselves as dietary supplements or as ingredients in many types of multivitamin tablets.

The latest method for extract aroma from them is through vaporization, which releases the aroma for what is now called aromatherapy, without the harmful effects inhaling the smoke may cause. Davinci Vaporizer has just put out a new Aromatherapy Infographic explaining the many benefits from the various herbs that contain medicinal properties. The Website also sells the machinery that turns the herbs to vapor and various accessories for the connoisseur of medicinal herbs.  

Proponents of medicinal herbs claim they are more effective than most traditional medications provided to consumers by pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy states, “For many common infectious diseases, aromatherapy offers more effective and more wholesome solutions than conventional medicine.”

The main two benefits of aromatherapy are to help relieve stress and promote relaxation, as the infographic notes. However, aromatherapy is also used by herbalists to treat burns, infections, depression, insomnia and high blood pressure. Some of the most common herbs that can be used in a vaporizer are Ginger, for energy and wellness; Ginseng, to increase focus and enhance energy; and Ginkgo, to increase focus, energy and promote overall wellness. 

Check out the infographic and Website for more information on medicinal herbs and vaporizers. Vaporizers are generally considered the safest and healthiest way to relish aromatherapy blends.


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