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If You Are Going to San Francisco – Forget the Flower; Check Off These Must-Do’s From Your List!
5 reasons why San Francisco should be on your West Coast trip plan

Wearing flowers in your hair, if you are going to San Francisco, is no longer in vogue but a new infographic brought to you by gives you five good reasons to visit the coastal city. San Francisco is the ultimate hotspot for any West Coast trip plan with plenty of must-do’s to add to your checklist. San Francisco is one of the most diverse hotspots around with a reputation for cable cars, culture and cuisine — to name a few.

The infographic pictorially depicts the top five attractions in the city and is a must see before compiling your list of things to do and places to see on the West Coast of the United States. Be sure you have plenty of space on your camera (or film) because there will be perfect views to photograph at every turn. Likewise, be prepared to put on a little weight with some of the finest and most unique choice of cuisines on the planet.

A cable car tour is also a must-do when visiting San Francisco. The cable car system began in 1873 and riding on them is like stepping back in time to that era. Many of the well-maintained cars are original cable cars from that historic period. They are a quaint relic of that pre-automotive age and tour the city’s local neighborhoods and districts such as Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf and Union Square.

You may want to pack lightly for the trip in anticipation of purchasing vibrant, vintage clothing for wearing or for nostalgia’s sake. Step into one of the many amazing vintage boutiques and thrift shops for bargain basement prices. While you are shopping, do not forget to head down to North Beach’s Washington Square Park for some of the best cookeries in the nation.

Mama’s, a family run eatery for over 50 years, continually receives rave reviews from big name critics such as Time Magazine, Zagat, USA Today, Travel Channel and Food Network. Mama’s breakfast is their original claim to fame so you may want to start your sightseeing and shopping there. However, Mama’s lunch and bakeshop goods offer plenty of specialty dishes for the late risers.

These are just the two top suggestions to get your must do list started. See the infographic for more suggestions to add to your list and visit Luxury Hotel San Francisco for the infinite number things to do and places to see in the region.


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