Gives Depiction of Chicago’s History Through Newly Released Infographic

What Would America be without Chicago?
Chicago: A city of tragedy and triumph

Many people would not consider Chicago a vacation destination. However, the city has a rich history of both successes and defeats that a history buff would find tremendously interesting. If you are looking for a vacation that is out of the ordinary and highly educational, check out’s new infographic and visit their Website for the multitude of vacation ideas the region has to offer.

Historical events and cultural milestones abound in the windy city. The most famous of them probably being the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which started on Sunday, October 8th and torched the city until early Tuesday, October 10th.  Legend has it that the fire started in Catherine O’Leary’s barn, when her cow kicked over the lantern while she is milking. Due to dry conditions and high winds, typical of the city, it spread to burn a large percentage of Chicago.

On the bright side, the city has been the birthplace of many types of musical groups including blues and jazz bands. On August 9, 1922, Louis Armstrong arrived in Chicago at 11:30 pm by train and would eventually become one of the most famous jazz musicians, helping to popularize the new musical genre.

Another little known fact is that on September 17, 1920 The National Football League was established in Chicago to form rules that govern the rapidly grow professional sport such as players who had not yet finished school, players jumping from team to team and the rapidly rising salaries.

The history of Chicago is as diverse as the history of the country itself and the infographic is a comprehensive mix of both the good and bad aspects of human nature. The changes as to what the public considers art are also depicted in an unbiased way.

For example, an extremely groundbreaking and controversial magazine (for its day) called Playboy was founded by Hugh Hefner in Chicago back on December 1, 1953. It became very popular since those people who could not read the articles could always look at the pictures.

Similarly, the infographic shows much of the triumphs and tragedies of Chicago in a format that is pictorial and easy to follow. Plan your next vacation for Chicago to get an eyeful; but before you do, check out the infographic and Chicago Hotels Luxury for more information on the windy city.


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