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Santa Barbara is All About Sustainability!
The grass is greener in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is home to more open-space than any other city in the nation and city officials plan to keep it that way. If you are planning a west coast trip and need a break from the crowded conditions that you find in most major cities you will be visiting, you may want to put Santa Barbara on your agenda. Santa Barbara is the place to go for low-impact, eco-friendly entertainment and the city is all about sustainability.

All Santa Barbara city departments have integrated long term, sustainability-driven goals in order to preserve the city’s lush collection of parks, trees and tracks of open spaces. The grass is greener and the lifestyle is even greener in this region of California.

For a more tranquil milieu, 53 flora parks adorn the wide-open spaces of Santa Barbara and if watersports are more to your liking, the region has miles of sandy beaches. The city also ranks in the top 20 counties in the nation for bicycling. Five thousand of the city’s residents are estimated to commute to work by bicycle.

All of these factors work together to improve the air quality of the region and reduce the smog found in other big cities such as Los Angeles. To further prevent the development of the smog that plagues other cities in the region, the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District operates the largest fleet of battery powered electric vehicles in the nation.

In March and April of each year the city celebrates Ecotopia; paying tribute to locally-sourced eats and sustainable, outdoor activities. Water conservation measures have also been implemented at Santa Barbara City College, which is expected to decrease water use by approximately 29% and put the students in an Ecotopian state of mind.  Water, sewer and energy savings are expected to reach $35,000 annually on the cost saving measures.

So if you are looking for a breath of fresh air on your west coast vacation, without being 100 miles from the closest shopping center, stop by Santa Barbara. Check out the Santa Barbara Sustainability Infographic published by Luxury Hotels Santa Barbara also for a full list of sustainable activities in the greenest region of the nation.


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