APPDILLA Announces New App Making Platform And Partnership With Design Firm Hiiro Tomita Studios

App Builder meets Branding

Irvine, CA – Today, APPDILLA LLC, a business development company and provider of a leading app builder, announced that they will be partnering with design firm Hiiro Tomita Studios to offer their clients custom branding and logo design alongside their top of the line app maker.

APPDILLA is a builder application with an abundance of features catered to help with the growth of your business, brand, or organization. No coding necessary and more affordable than a newspaper ad. Better yet, it is free to build. Simply pay when you are ready to publish your app and make it available on the iPhone, iPad, and Android markets.

Hiiro Tomita Studios is a design company that handles logo rebranding, logos for new companies, graphic design services, and interior design for any workspace from offices to restaurant layouts.  

Using APPDILLA’s powerful tool combined with the design expertise of Hiiro Tomita Studios, business owners are able to take control of their brand image and stand out from the competition. By packaging these two services together, business owners are saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars on app development, marketing, and branding expenses.

With the entire world moving towards mobile, it is only a matter of time before every small business needs an application to stay connected to their customer base. APPDILLA provides business owners with an app making platform that is innovative, but simple enough for everybody to learn how to use.

To learn more about APPDILLA or Hiiro Tomita Studios, visit their official websites:

APPDILLA is an App Builder for iPhone, iPad, Android, and HTML5. People can now design, customize, build, and publish their apps at an affordable rate and without the use of code. APPDILLA also provides business development and marketing strategies geared towards optimizing the results their client sees from the app. APPDILLA was founded by Jonathan Kim in 2014. APPDILLA LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Hiiro Tomita Studios is a design firm focused on brand development of their clientele. Clients can enhance the visual appeal of their business through professional quality logos, flyers, and any graphic or interior design work necessary to take their business to the next level. Hiiro Tomita Studios was founded in 2012 by Hiiro Tomita and Dane Sakino. Trademark Hiiro Tomita Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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