Spicing Up Your Damp, Dreary Basement

There is no need to have a dungeon like basement when you can turn it into extra living space.

In an effort to create more living space in the home, more and more homeowners are looking in the basement. Be it just a laundry room, a playroom for the kids, a home theater room or home office, homeowners are turning their damp, dark and dreary basement into a brighter, more purposeful space. In this endeavor, dampness is a major concern.

Painting the basement walls to brighten things up will be one of the top priorities in basement conversion but it is not wise to use ordinary house paint in the basement. Ordinary house paint might not look bad initially, however, if your basement has or develops a moisture problem, standard house paint will do nothing to prevent water damage.

Waterproofing paint, which is both waterproof and decorative, will prevent water damage to the expensive items that you plan to furnish the space with. It is capable of stopping water from entering through the pores of the wall’s masonry, where ordinary house paint is not. Waterproofing paint is thicker than standard house paint, so it will take longer to apply. However, it is applied in the same manner.

Apply the first coat with a nylon or polyester bristle brush, for the best results, and a second coat with a masonry roller or brush. In this way, you can work the paint into any cracks or spaces in the masonry on the first coat. Simply work the product into the surface of the masonry, filling the texture with the coating. Two coats are usually adequate to stop seepage. If there is still water seepage, apply a third coat or call a professional to help before you move anything into the basement.

Since basement doorways are generally narrower than standard entryways, be sure to take measurement first also. Before beginning a basement project or buying any big-ticket items, take your measurements. There is no guarantee that oversized leather armchairs or a 70-inch projection screen television will fit through the basement doorway. Doorway measurements might dictate your decision more than you think.

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