Experts Urge Individuals to Keep as Water as Natural as Possible

Some flavored waters have too many additives to give any positive benefit

Drinking water used to be as simple as simply turning on the tap and putting a a glass under the faucet. That is no longer the case as there is now bottled water. And now, even the choice between tap and bottled is no longer a simple choice. That is because nowadays there is fizzy and vitamin-rich water that has been created by bottled-water companies.

Many individuals are in love with the idea of water with a little kick of flavor. And so these individuals turn to carbonated water. The trend is not a new one, however. It goes back centuries. The use of flavored water is still a new concept though. Still individuals need to remember that the flavor found in these beverages can come at a price.

While the water is filled with vitamins sometimes, they can also be filled with sugar or sodium. Not all carbonated water types are created equal, however, and so simply paying attention can make the difference. But doctors and nutritional specialists emphasize just that: vigilance of what one is drinking.

“Different studies, depending on what you look at, estimate that if you consume one of these waters every day, you can go on to have anywhere from a 20-to 50-pound weight gain for a year,” said Dr. Ellen Gutkin.

High fructose is something that ought be avoided on a regular basis, and so specialists like Dr. Gutkin advise that simply paying attention to the preservatives, sodium, and triglycerides is an important factor to keep in mind.

There is nothing wrong with having flavored and carbonated water. The trick is to make sure one is getting the kind that has the least amount of negative additives that are unnecessary. And what is more important to note is that it can be difficult for some to stop drinking the water-plus beverages once consistent use occurs.

“We’re absolutely fooling our taste buds into craving, and almost requiring, in some cases, a flavoring or a particular sensation when it comes to carbonation,” said endocrinologist Dr. Joseph Pinzone. “It is allowing them to form habits which actually affect the brain and how we crave things.”

And so specialists say it is best to find the types of flavored beverages that hold the least amount of additives (if any at all). And there are some simple alternatives for those who need to ween off the sweet stuff. “You can squeeze a lemon, squeeze an orange, limes, the alternatives are endless, and you would know what is in it,” said Gutkin.


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