The Rise in Numbers of DJs in the USA

The habits of master DJs examined that amatuer enthusiasts can learn from

While it may seem almost every person who owns a computer and a simple piece of software wants to calls his/herself a DJ, there are some important factors that make a true DJ. One downside of having so many fledgling DJs is that there is a clutter of low-quality practitioners. What the world needs is better DJs and so following an important five steps can make the difference.

Having strong confidence is the first and most important quality of any good DJ. One has to believe in his/her own skill, as well as trust in the equipment and software being utilized. A DJ without confidence is a DJ who will make silly mistakes and create a poor flow when working the tables. There’s nothing worse than the deer-in-the-headlights look that can zap the ability to make confident on-your-toes transitions and style choices.

Of course one of the most important aspects for any good DJ is practicing. Honestly, one who does not practice has no business pretending he or she has any actual applicable skill. One has to learn to improve and advance in his/her qualities. Everyone starts with strengths and weaknesses, and developing them is as important as closing up gaps in skill.

Along with having confidence and practicing is also having knowledge about what one is doing. And by having knowledge of software, equipment, and the theories of good DJing, one can then find a comfort zone, which plays into the first order of having confidence. It all plays into one another. One who practices has knowledge. One who has knowledge feels confidence. Having confidence makes one feel comfortable, and holding that comfortable feeling helps exude confidence.

And through all of it, making mistakes is key. As counterproductive as it may sound, how one learns is to make a mistake and grow from it. And when one is confident and knowledgeable, a mistake can be overcome with relative ease. But going outside of the comfort zone now and then is a great way to find out new rules, tricks, or no-nos quickly.

Altogether, the five tips make one a better DJ and that is what the goal is. Improving consistently will make one good at what one does, and with any luck, greatness and innovation can follow.


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