New Car Audio System Will Improve Shoddy Music Quality

Compressed music can now reach near-studio recording levels

Digital music has created a world where thousands of songs and tracks can be carried in a single small device. Such pieces of equipment can now reside within a persons pocket, and that means that any and all songs are at an individual disposal no matter where he/she goes. The problem has been the compressed music has made the quality of the music suffer as compared to CDs of the past Now, a new car stereo system is helping to make highly-compressed music play at its peak level.

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show had the Technology firm Harman espouse its answers to just how the new system would work. The company has many of the high-end audio systems found in quality cards. Names like Mark Levinson, Harman Kardon, Infinity and JBL all claim to have discovered avenues to refitting music files into the forms they should be played in.

The digital music that we all play comes in many forms. CDs have for so long provided the highest quality reproduction, mimicking the studio-quality that is originally produced. But through streaming and satellite radio, the quality can be reduced near to 90% of the original content. That problem is said to get worse with time without proper tools to rectify it.

“The car is still the number one place for listening to music for two-thirds of people, but many have never heard their music it in the way it was intended,” says the lifestyle’s division vice-president of marketing, Jeffrey Poggi.

“Some cars are not offering CD players any more and the trend is that in time they will be gone. There is a whole generation out there who have never heard uncompressed music.” And the solution is now being referred to as Signal Doctor, and the system works to rebuild the stereo effect of high-frequency sound to facilitate the strongest sound quality out of compressed files.


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