Dalek Made of Car Speakers Graces CES in Vegas

6-foot replica that doubles as mobile stereo will be auctioned in Summer 2014

Because of the TV Show “Doctor Who” experiencing a resurgence due to a new TV series, there has also been a fan-boy resurrection of love or the Daleks. For those not in the know, the Daleks are a rather clunky looking automatron that gives mono-tonal shrieks of phrases like “exterminate!” And now, that battle cry is heard more clearly than ever before at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where a Dalek made entirely of speakers was set loose.

The CES houses much of the futuristic technology, but the Massive Audio car speak team made some positive waves with its 6-foot-tall recreation of the popular TV shows most notable antagonist. The unit was made entirely from audio speakers, including 32 woofers, and a extra-large subwoofer inside the head that was equipped with a 5,000 watts of amplifiers positioned in the back. The Dalek was said to be powered by two huge batteries at it’s base.

“The most difficult part was building the skirt that has all the speakers in it,” said Massive’s Bill Wyko, the man behind building the evil machine replica. “There’s about six angles that go in different directions on each panel, so the it’s very difficult to calculate the speaker positioning.”

But the recreation was not merely for show. The machine was a fully-functioning piece that played streamed music from any smart-phone or tablet that connected to it. The limbs, which in the show housed weapons, also articulate. Massive Audio finalized the application to control them through a smartphone.

According to the company, the nearly 1,000-pound Doctor Who machine cost $25,000 to create. But massive plan on taking the Dalek on tour throughout 2014, and once the tour is done, the car-audio creation will be auctioned off via eBay.

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