Sony Looking to Make Car Audio Actions Hands-Free

New models will have quality “cradles” for smartphone use

Sony is clearly one of the more reputable and well-established audio companies in the world. When it comes to car audio, the company is just as well established. Everything from head unites to subwoofers, the company is established as one of the worlds biggest and best. However, now a new product is coming as a surprise to those in the industry. It is called the Sony XSP-N1BT, and it is a new unit that was unveiled at the CES 2014 show in Las Vegas, which uses a smartphone as a display for in-car audio.

Instead of a large display held on the front of the vehicle, the new system uses “cradle” system. One inserts a phone and it pairs with the tech using the NFC, charging with the Qi technology as it does so. Sony’s head unit also uses the smartphone as a display through the remote application function. This allows for both streaming and Bluetooth usage, as well as basic CD function and radio use.

Prices have yet to be released regarding the system, but it seems like almost any price will be worth it, if it is released without any substantial bugs. For those who utilize Bluetooth often, a docking system for a smartphone is a grand addition. Multitasking with a Google Maps option is also a strong asset.

The only downside for the millions of car owners is that many vehicles are not equipped with a DIN slot that is necessary for the head unit. That means that owners of older cars will not be able to use it without a sort of conduit or installation. But as the newer vehicle types phase out the old, the usage of the cradle system and headset capabilities will be a true treat for all users.


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