Future of Car Audio is Hands-Free and High-Quality

Companies will continue to try to push way onto steering wheel

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is one of the largest showcases for all things audio-based. And a large theme at this year’s showcase was car audio systems that allowed individuals to use their Bluetooth-enabled smartphones to do just about everything that revolves around keeping their audio tunes bumping without taking one’s hand off the wheel.

The revolution of how audio is handled has been vast. The individual resolutions in just how its changing has been somewhat quietly handled, however. It appears some hesitation to brag about such technologies is the new way to handle the improvements. Still, the lack of vocalizing the improvements does not mean that such steps forward have not been consistent. Pandora and OpenTable have brokered various deals to allow passengers to more easily handle their dashboard applications. But now, even the physical interaction with a front-dash panel may become a thing of the past.

Essentially, tech is taking shotgun when it comes to handling anything from handling the volume on a car audio system, up to searching for a specific track or CD one wants to own. The big question is: what company will work with what automaker, or will it be a free-for-all to create the best and most reliable option.

Google and Apple are both jockeying for positions with specific automakers. Android is persisting with its open-source policy to hopefully find its way onto more car steering wheels and headsets. And with self-driving cars maybe one full decade away, the possibilities for in-car tech interaction rises tremendously. With that, the luxury push for better functionality, capability, and higher-quality items like speaker systems and audio-tuners takes precedent.

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